Visiting Istanbul and Have Limited Time?

Visiting Istanbul and Have Limited Time?

Get organised and execute a fantastic discovery plan in Istanbul!

Discovering Istanbul Made Simple with Our Guide.

If you are visiting Istanbul for any reason and you don’t have much time to explore and appreciate this amazing city, you certainly have to get a plan together and stick to it. Some might argue that even weeks might not be enough to start scratching the surface of this one of the most historical and iconic destinations in the world. However, with our help and directions, you will be able to see the top landmarks in Istanbul and get familiar with the city in a short space of time.

Istanbul Bosphorus is Unique in the World Separating Europe and Asia

Visiting Istanbul certainly is a privilege in many ways. You have to be ready and indulge yourself with treats like history, culture, architecture, the amazing Bosphorus and more. Depending on what time of the day you are arriving, or you will have free time for, you can split your visits into two sections; European Side and Asian Side. Today it is a lot easier to cross the Bosphorus and reach either side and Historical Istanbul most definitely has a lot to offer on both continents.

Not a Seasoned Traveller? Follow Our Istanbul Guide to Make the Most of the City.

There are several tours in Istanbul that you can book in advance, however they might not all work for you because you have to follow their schedule, not your own. Either way, you can instantly check the most convenient tours in Istanbul and their time schedules on web site or through Yourist app. Correct time management and planning is the key if you want to discover Istanbul and explore the beauties of this fascinating city. So public transport is the certainly the easiest and cheapest way to travel between Istanbul attractions.

Well Established Public Transport Links in Istanbul for Your Convenience

You can buy daily or set time public transport card called Istanbulkart which you can use on pretty much everything. Not all the trips cost the same on public transport in Istanbul. It may vary between 2.00 Lira and 3,60 Lira depending on journey time and destination. You can get the card from any kiosk and top it up on the machines at every station or machines located near almost all the stops. Keep checking your balance and remember to top up as an when needed.

Get 2-3 Days Tickets for Big Bus Istanbul and Get to See the Top Attractions with Time to Visit Them

When it comes to making the most of your few days or limited time in Istanbul, you want to see or visit the most iconic landmarks and sites for sure. If we were to suggest an itinerary for 3 days in Istanbul, then it would have to start with the European Side. What to see and how to get there is listed below and you still have the flexibility to skip a few or move the plan around based on how you feel or what your time frame is.

Istanbul’s Latest Attraction: The Most Impressive Istanbul Airport

If you are arriving in New Istanbul Airport, for the transport to city or to your chosen hotel in Istanbul, you can make your way to bus stops just outside the arrival terminals and look for HAVAIST signs or buses. Their schedules and fees are displayed pretty much everywhere but it is always ok to ask someone on duty by the buses. It will probably go near if not the exact location of your hotel in Istanbul, but if you are at a certain stop close to your hotel, then a short taxi ride will not break the bank. Alternatively, you can

book advanced transfer where you will travel with others going to different hotels in Istanbul and journey might take longer.

Lots to See and Digest in Istanbul, So Stick With Your Plan and See the Top Istanbul Highlights

Once you checked in and tried to get your bearings as to where you are and what is the nearest Istanbul attraction to you, we suggest you start from the central point of the attractions starting from Sultanahmet Square. Some of Istanbul’s most infamous landmarks and sites located here and all within walking distance from each other. Here is our suggestion to follow for a short 3 day visit in Istanbul.

Day One in Istanbul

Hagia Sophie Museum – Blue Mosque – Topkapi Palace – Basilica Cistern – Grand Bazaar

Sultanahmet Square is One of The Most Iconic Centres of Istanbul City.

Day Two in Istanbul

Sirkeci and Eminonu – Bosphorus Boat Tour – Galata Bridge and Tower – Taksim Square – Istiklal Caddesi

Have a Tasty Turkish Coffee at the Top of the Galata Tower and See the Whole City with a 360 View.

Day Three in Istanbul

Rumeli and Anatolian Fortress – Uskudar – Kadikoy – Moda – Maiden Tower

Visit the Old Town of Uskudar and Kadikoy with Amazing Views of the Maiden Tower and Golder Horn.